Ways to Stay Engaged (and Sane!) While at Home

Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger, co-founders of Sleepy Planet Parenting and our resident Dream Lab sleep training experts, share advice on spending extra time at home. 

Hi parents,

We have no doubt that you are making some pretty big life adjustments at the moment – working remotely, kids out of school and social distancing. We’re all in the middle of a very challenging situation, and part of what’s so hard is the unknown. All each of us can do is to take  steps to be proactive and healthy— and stay as grounded as possible while we watch and wait. 

Here are a few guidelines for navigating these unusual times:

Practice acceptance

Let’s face it: Being home all or most of your day is not something you would have asked for. There will undoubtedly be times when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated at the situation, or bored to tears. Kids will feel these things, too. At the same time, none of us can do anything about these circumstances. Model for kids how to practice acceptance by vocalizing what’s hard: “We all really wish we didn’t have to stay home so much … this is hard!” And verbalizing how you’re going to show up for the experience anyway: “This is one of those times in life that we just need to make the best of things. We’re gonna take this one day at a time.”

Keep some structure in your days

Aside from having regularly designated time for meals, bathing and sleep, consider having “circle time” with your kids where you read or tell stories. Set aside time for “PE” where you do something physical, like taking a walk, a short hike, doing yoga or having a crazy dance party. Kids thrive with some structure, and the day won’t seem as overwhelming to you. 

Make lemonade 

Look for the gifts tucked inside of this difficult situation. A forced break from the daily hectic pace of life means more time to bond with kids and as a family and enjoy small quiet moments with your kids that you likely don’t get as often as you’d like. You might just make some memories during the coming weeks that you’ll all cherish for a lifetime.

Take some time for yourself

Make sure you’re taking breaks to refuel. This could include practicing some yoga or take a walk or run. Reconnect with your social circle (virtually, of course) and catch up with old friends by phone or video. Finally start that book you’ve been meaning to crack open, or enjoy some alone time gardening, painting or playing music.

Practice your own self-regulation

You will most likely run lots of emotion at times over the coming weeks. One minute you might feel fairly resigned to circumstances as they are, and the next minute, you might feel highly anxious. Taking the time to find your center will not only help you function as well as you can during these challenging times but will also help you bring your best self forward with your family. Bonus: Your own self-regulation will have a ripple effect on your partner and kids, too. 

Above all, remember to be patient with yourself and others. We are all navigating uncharted waters but with some self-love and compassion, we will get through this together.


Jen & Jill

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:: This is next-level comfort

JJwinks Loungewear 

Amazing PJs, No Bra Necessary

One of the perks of being homebound these days is having a valid excuse to wear comfy clothes 24/7. But sometimes you don’t actually want to be spotted in sheep-themed flannel pajamas when you’re taking out the trash or enjoying a socially distant chat with a neighbor. JJwinks loungewear takes your PJ game up a (big) notch with stylish designs that look great—and most importantly—feel great.

This awesome line was created by two friends who wanted cute jammies they could wear around the house that didn’t require a bra… which was hard to come by. So they created loungewear with just the right coverage, ultimate comfort, and effortlessly chic style. Whether you’re on a Zoom conference with your colleagues or building a block tower with your kiddos, you can rest assured that the “light hug” built-in bra will keep “the girls” contained.

JJs are made in the USA from sustainable materials only—the soft, buttery fabric is actually derived from beech trees. (Cool, huh?) Nightgowns, robes, tops, pants, leggings, shorts… there’s a cozy option for everyone.

Bottom line: this loungewear is a dream come true.

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If you’re a jewellery lover like me and stuck at home dreaming of a private island in the Philippines where you could escape from the coronavirus, then you could probably use a little sparkle to cheer you up. Self-isolation is no fun on your own! But we all need to self-isolate right now and social distance ourselves to help contain the spread of this virus. So let me share with you a few ideas to help you through these crazy times. You can also support the ‘Loving Hands’ project at All profits from the ‘Loving Hands’ collection will be donated to the UN Foundation #COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.


Time to reach out to your loved ones and find out how they’re doing. But first, adorn some beautiful jewels and send some of that sparkle down the phone lines or across the internet. If you’re chatting over Facetime or Skype, let them see you haven’t lost your sparkle. Wear something your loved one gifted you to make it extra special. Spread the love and stay connected.


Just because you’re in self-isolation doesn’t mean your jewellery has to stay hidden away in some jewellery box. But what a mess! Thankfully, my fine jewellery is arranged neatly inside a safety deposit box, but here I have some Iradj Moini brooches that were gifted to me and some Vickisarge earrings, hand-made in Belgravia. So let’s get to work and untangle this mess!


I love reading books on jewellery and I have quite a collection of these gem treasures that I’m so proud of – I take them with me everywhere I travel. Together we are true globetrotters! Now in self-isolation, I have the best of both worlds: browsing through my jewellery book collection, re-reading my GIA books, and catching up on my Kindle reader, which I just love. Let me tempt your tastemaker tastebuds with some tantalizing jewellery photography in my own GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips. I wanted to create a jewellery/fashion book that inspires other jewellery lovers to find their own unique style, so I hope you like it.


You want to keep that sparkle and shine intact during these difficult times, so let’s show our jewellery some love and give it a good polish. When was the last time you cleaned your jewellery? Probably when you cleaned your makeup brushes – wink-wink! I like to use a fine jewellery solution, it’s a gentle, sudsy soap with twice the bubbles, twice the fun! I find it very grounding and that’s exactly what this self-isolation experience is all about.


You know I have a bit of an obsession with my nails and I love a French manicure to show off my jewels. There’s nothing like adding a splash of colour to your nails to brighten your day, and a little extra gold for sparkle and shine. Who cares if you can’t give the best French manicure, with some black or red polish and a little glitter, you can master it on both hands! It’s quality time spent in self-isolation.


There are so many ways to work out at home and many of your favourite gyms, yoga and pilates studios are offering classes online. Everybody needs a home workout routine to keep them emotionally and physically fit during these crazy times. So why not follow my lead and add a little sparkle to your workout routine and gemify your dumbbells. It will help lift your mood and keep your spirits up.


You can have your cake and eat it too when you’re in self-isolation. There’s no better time to whip up something delicious in the kitchen and put the joy back into cooking. Add some sprinkles to your cupcakes and add some sparkle to your fingers! Dress up for dinner and take the whole dining-at-home experience up a notch with a few fine jewels and healthy recipes. You have to stay healthy in times of crisis, so why not make it fun too!


When was the last time you got crazy with your makeup? Self-isolation is the perfect time to be outrageous because nobody is going to know but you! It’s easy and fun to apply crystal jewel makeup or you can try creating your own pearl face. Let your imagination go wild and transform yourself into a jewellery warrior, braving the pandemic and conquering the hearts of your husband and children. Fun for everyone!


Surround yourself with crystals and absorb their healing energy, as you contemplate what the future will hold once this coronavirus pandemic is all over. I found a beautiful limited edition set of Dali Tarot cards and I’m enjoying learning how it all works and what all the cards mean. Most of all, I love the beautiful artistry, a true work of art that helps to keep me calm and inspired. Of course, a Tarot reading wouldn’t be the same without your most beautiful cocktail rings. Everything’s better with jewels and gems!

I am extremely happy to announce that my new jewelry book – GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips – is now on Amazon. I’m so excited. It’s the first book of its kind solely dedicated to jewellery. 

You can sign up for GEMOLOGUE newsletter below and I also share  jewellery on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  and Youtube if you’d like to connect, or feel free to say hello


GEMOLOGUE jewelry blog by Liza Urla is a celebration of fine, fashion and vintage jewellery featuring talented jewellery designers, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews. This jewellery blog’s goal is to encourage and educate about jewellery online in a fresh and original fashion to inspire women and men across the globe in a fashion and travelling context.

Jewellery blogger, writer Liza Urla, the founder of GEMOLOGUE, is a London-based and NYC-educated gemologist, who has travelled to and lived in many countries. She is now one of the most influential digital jewellery tastemakers. Her jewellery influence has been acknowledged by Financial Times, The New York Times, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

*Photographed by Julia Flit. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. All photos belong to GEM Kreatives for GEMOLOGUE.

Material on this website may not be copied, broadcasted or adapted without written consent.

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:: Getting Jiggy with It

Need to Unplug?

Jiggy to the Rescue

Things might feel a little crazy in your life right now (okay, that’s probably a major understatement). Finding ways to de-stress and step away from the interwebs is more important than ever.

Get your daily dose of zen with a 450 or 800 piece puzzle from Jiggy, a modern twist on the jigsaw puzzle. This debut collection of gorgeous puzzles features art by emerging female artists from around the globe. Better yet, you can preserve your puzzle to enjoy long after you fit that last piece. Puzzles come with glue and a spreader to easily seal pieces together for framing.

Not only are the designs beautiful, but so is the packaging (great gift alert!). Have a virtual puzzle party with a friend, get your partner and kiddos involved, or consider this “your thing” for much needed relaxation. We even think some puzzles would make awesome framed nursery or kid room art…

So, if your new life motto is to take it one day at a time, you can also take it one piece at a time with a Jiggy Puzzle. #serenitynow

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Which month were you born in? How fascinating it is to have each one represented by a specific gemstone! ⁠March belongs to bloodstone and aquamarine. During the AQUAMARINE MONTH starting today I would like to bring your attention to the latter one.

The gemstones adorning those gorgeous earrings evoke serene visions of crystal-clear water and sparkling horizons of the seaside 🕊 Ilgiz Fazulzyanov gaining inspiration from the opulent forms of Art Nouveau and symmetry of Art Deco style creates a beautiful visual narrative.

What comes to your mind when you hear “aquamarine”?⁠

FUN FACT: The word is a combination of two Latin words aqua (water) and marina (the sea). Therefore, the gemstone owes its name to the beauty of the sea. ⁠The 78.33ct Santa Maria oval aquamarine is the focal point of this spectacular Boucheron necklace I discovered during Paris Couture Week.⁠

Can you spot which pair of these Assael pearls earrings I am wearing on the next photos?

I feel aquamarine evokes the tranquility of emerald seas. Wearing the gemstone combined with pearls in form of beautiful earrings brings the sense of harmony to the appearance.⁠

How do aquamarines make you feel?⁠

I have to admit I have always loved wearing blue jewellery. Greenish blue shades, fresh watery hues… Aquamarine combined with sparkling sapphires, closed in the sculpture-like form of this stunning ring from Lydia Courteille Marie-Antoinette Dark Side collection is a definition of royal opulence. One thing is sure – aquamarine definitely rules this week!

How do you style your aquamarine jewels?

⁠There is something special about feeling the weight of this beautiful flower-shaped statement ring from Arunashi on my finger.⁠ Aquamarine can be a perfect accent for your spring wardrobe evoking it the same way as March brings nature back to life

Do you believe in the superpowers of gemstones? ⁠

⁠Aquamarine was used by sailors to bring them good luck on the seas and to ensure a safe voyage.⁠ I don’t want to tempt fate either. Aquamarine-adorned pieces like these stunning earrings designed by Lydia Courteille show that providence can be glamorous! ⁠

Did you know that aquamarine tones may differ?

They range from deep greenish blue to light blue hues. How would you describe the colour of the aquamarine in the photo? Let me know in comments! In this multi-shaded bracelet Piaget set 18K gold with the emerald-cut aquamarine 29.20ct, blue sapphires, black opals and diamonds, creating a breathtaking piece called Azzurro Bisazza Manchette. ⁠

Do you have an aquamarine jewel in your collection?

⁠Brazil among other places, such as Mozambique and Pakistan, has been an important spot for aquamarines. São Paolo-based Carol Kauffman designs push the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship while paying homage to colourful works of nature.⁠

How do you feel wearing aquamarine-adorned pieces?

Every gemstone represents certain qualities in our lives. Aquamarine is considered a symbol of youth and health.  Trying on this one-of-a-kind Buccellati jewel was definitely evoking my inner goddess. Adorned with diamonds and the aquamarine gemstone it appeared on a catwalk for Giambattista Valli collaboration with Buccellati. The collection was an interpretation of female charm and our unexpected nature

Since self-purchasing is on the rise does this appeal to you when it comes to jewellery? ⁠

The first gemstone my Brazilian husband gifted me with was indeed aquamarine. Brazilian state of Minas Gerais for the past two centuries has been an important source of aquamarine. Nature for sure has its ways of creating beauty. No wonder why I find these Azzaf Fine Jewellery aquamarine-adorned hoops so appealing.⁠

I feel that aquamarine is one of the world’s most popular and well-known gemstones. Do you agree?

Aquamarine gemstones, often free from inclusions and clear as water, symbolise spiritual purity. These magnificent earrings designed by Lydia Courteille gleam and flicker with an energetic sparkle. The icy blue hoops constructed with 25 rectangular aquamarines put their owner in the spotlight wherever they go.

Do we have any Pisces in my gem squad?

If you were born between 19 February and 20 March aquamarine is also your birthstone! Being the last zodiac sign in the astrological year Pisces are considered to be ruled by elusive fish. The symbol of fish is also a focal point of the work of incredible Wallace Chan. The creation process of the artist draws inspiration from the works of Mother Nature allowing him to create precious objects the world has never seen before. ⁠Learn more about Wallace Chan jewellery craftsmanship on GEMOLOGUE.

Let me know in comments what makes aquamarine so special to you?⁠

⁠It is worth mentioning that aquamarine belongs to the bigger group of minerals. The beryl family does not only include pale blue gemstones, but also peach toned morganite and greenish blue emerald. The diverse spectrum of aquamarine’s blue tints has been beautifully exposed by Hemmerle. During my visit to their atelier in Munich I had an opportunity to try on these extraordinary earrings and learn about their craftsmanship.

I am extremely happy to announce that my new jewelry book – GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips – is now on Amazon. I’m so excited. It’s the first book of its kind solely dedicated to jewellery. 

You can sign up for GEMOLOGUE newsletter below and I also share  jewellery on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  and Youtube if you’d like to connect, or feel free to say hello


GEMOLOGUE jewelry blog by Liza Urla is a celebration of fine, fashion and vintage jewellery featuring talented jewellery designers, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews. This jewellery blog’s goal is to encourage and educate about jewellery online in a fresh and original fashion to inspire women and men across the globe in a fashion and travelling context.

Jewellery blogger, writer Liza Urla, the founder of GEMOLOGUE, is a London-based and NYC-educated gemologist, who has travelled to and lived in many countries. She is now one of the most influential digital jewellery tastemakers. Her jewellery influence has been acknowledged by Financial Times, The New York Times, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

*Photographed by Julia Flit. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. All photos belong to GEM Kreatives for GEMOLOGUE.

Material on this website may not be copied, broadcasted or adapted without written consent.

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Once the storm is over, we will all look at the world in a light of gratitude, and the world will bless the ones who helped it pass. I am deeply shaken by the pandemic and cannot simply step aside without doing my part. The feeling of sorrow led to the inspiration for the ‘Loving Hands’ collaboration with photography artist Julia Flit. Together we have created seven limited edition gallery quality art prints. All profits from the collaboration will be donated to the UN Foundation #COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.”

You can support the ‘Loving Hands’ project at #lovinghands All profits from the ‘Loving Hands’ collection will be donated to the UN Foundation #COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.

During this time of crisis, we want to show our appreciation for those in the medical community supporting the most vulnerable by raising money for the UN Foundation #COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Your support will help WHO to track and understand the spread of the virus, ensure that patients get treatment, and frontline workers get essential supplies and information. Donations will also help WHO to accelerate their efforts in developing vaccines, tests, and treatments.

As always, we put a lot of love and work into our creations to make sure they are just perfect for you and your loved ones. Each 5”x7” C-type print comes framed in a modern black frame with unreflective UVP 70% glass, and contains an inspiring message.

We want these prints to inspire you to reach out to others during these challenging times and remember how we defeated the pandemic together, by lending a helping hand and offering support.

We are all affected by the growing coronavirus pandemic and ‘Loving Hands’ is our way of extending a loving hand to those who need our help. Staying indoors does not mean we can’t do anything to help. We wish you and your dearest one’s health and love.

You can support ‘Loving Hands’ by going to

“Hold onto Faith” Limited Edition Print

In uncertain times, we need to hold faith and believe in our global community. By staying strong, positive and loving to each other we will insure that “this too shall pass”.

“Nature’s Hands” Limited Edition Print

Look to heaven and pray for the best. Imagine all the positive ways you can grow and blossom from this experience.

“On Wings of Hope” Limited Edition Print

Let’s weather the storm on the wings of a dove and think of peace and happier times when we can all be together with our loved ones again.

“Dancing in the Sun” Limited Edition Print

Stay home, stay safe while turning your thoughts to blue skies and dancing in the sun in a fine summer day. There is always a summer ahead of us!

“Tough as a Diamond” Limited Edition Print

A precious diamond must endure enormous pressure and great change in the process of becoming a beautiful and tough gemstone. Be strong and resilient. Be a diamond.

“We Are One” Limited Edition Print

We don’t have to travel this road alone; we are all in this together. Tap into the collective consciousness and draw from your inner strength to pull you through.

“Gratitude” Limited Edition Print

Let’s raise our hands in respect and gratitude to the amazing professionals who risk their lives to save people from this pandemic. Thank you.

I am extremely happy to announce that my new jewelry book – GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips – is now on Amazon. I’m so excited. It’s the first book of its kind solely dedicated to jewellery. 

You can sign up for GEMOLOGUE newsletter below and I also share  jewellery on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  and Youtube if you’d like to connect, or feel free to say hello


GEMOLOGUE jewelry blog by Liza Urla is a celebration of fine, fashion and vintage jewellery featuring talented jewellery designers, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews. This jewellery blog’s goal is to encourage and educate about jewellery online in a fresh and original fashion to inspire women and men across the globe in a fashion and travelling context.

Jewellery blogger, writer Liza Urla, the founder of GEMOLOGUE, is a London-based and NYC-educated gemologist, who has travelled to and lived in many countries. She is now one of the most influential digital jewellery tastemakers. Her jewellery influence has been acknowledged by Financial Times, The New York Times, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

*Photographed by Julia Flit. Styling and Art Direction by Liza Urla. All photos belong to GEM Kreatives for GEMOLOGUE.

Material on this website may not be copied, broadcasted or adapted without written consent.

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Stay Calm and Mama On

Keeping yourself and your family safe (and sane) during the coronavirus pandemic

As we get used to changes to our daily routine, it can feel overwhelming. Kids, work, everyone’s at home – yikes! Thankfully, there’s lots of small steps you can take to keep yourself and your babies safe (and sane), during these uncertain times.

As we learn more about the coronavirus and how it affects children, it is heartening to note that children do not seem to be at higher risk than adults.

We know you’ve heard it A LOT lately, but (pandemic or no pandemic) now is the time to practice social distancing and avoid people who are sick, coughing or sneezing. Stay home if you aren’t feeling well and if at all possible, stay away from family members until you’re feeling better. Take care to cough into your sleeve or elbow if you are feeling sick. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and encourage little ones to do the same.

Keep baby nourished 

If you’re currently breastfeeding your baby, keep going! There are still a lot of unknowns about coronavirus and how it is spread, but according to the CDC, breast milk can provide protection against many diseases, including this coronavirus. If a breastfeeding mom has tested positive for coronavirus she should thoroughly wash her hands before touching baby and consider wearing a face mask while feeding baby, but she should still continue to nurse.

The same attention to hygiene is crucial for mothers bottle feeding baby. Thoroughly wash and sanitize all bottles, nipples and other feeding equipment in hot, soapy water after each use and allow to air dry. Don’t forget to wipe down high-touch surfaces like sinks, counters and the often missed refrigerator door handle!

Stay calm if you’re pregnant 

Pregnant mamas: We know you’re already dealing with the stress of staying healthy, and concerns of the spread of a new virus are the last thing you need. There are still a lot of unknowns, but at this time, it does not appear that pregnant women are any more likely than the rest of the population to contract the coronavirus. Women who are pregnant should follow the same recommended hygiene precautions—regular hand washing, avoid touching their faces and staying away from large crowds. If you have specific concerns about your risk of contracting coronavirus, contact your healthcare provider. Many OBGYNs are doing telephone appointments as a means to stay connected while avoiding unnecessary exposure. Ask if yours is willing!

Stay home if possible

The message is pretty clear: stay home. Even if it’s driving you bonkers! Decreasing your social interactions and following your region’s guidelines about social distancing will help stop the spread of the virus. Additionally, staying home helps alleviate the strain on the healthcare system. If you do need to speak with your healthcare provider consider taking advantage of telemedicine services if available in your area. Many pediatricians, OBs, fertility doctors and primary care docs are doing phone appointments right now. Take advantage of the reduced face time.

Encourage rest and recharging

Help little ones navigate the changes to their normal routine and encourage regular naps and rest time. Put your mind at ease and use the Owlet Smart Sock during naps and for overnight sleep to track baby’s oxygen and heart rate. Keep an eye on baby while they sleep and maybe even get some rest yourself knowing the Smart Sock notifies you if baby needs to be checked on. View a detailed sleep and history report to spot patterns and make adjustments to your child’s schedule to encourage healthy habits.

While we’re all social distancing, take advantage of the increased time at home to establish new traditions with your kids and let your (and their) imaginations flourish. Explore new areas of the house, build an awesome couch fort, or look through old photo albums to keep everyone entertained. Right now, Instagram is rich with ideas on fun activities and ways to keep your little ones engaged.

Keep hands and surfaces clean

Remind everyone in your house to practice “good hand hygiene” and wash hands often with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (if you can find it!). Make a game of it with the little ones and wash for 20-seconds or more. In the evening, a super-sudsy bubble bath for baby or toddler is perfect! Take time each day to disinfect high-traffic and high-touch surfaces, like doorknobs, tables, switches, remotes, and bathrooms. And don’t forget the soft items! Launder onesies, swaddles and “lovies” in the warmest possible water a bit more often than you usually do.

Rethink childcare arrangements 

In the weeks to come, many of us will find ourselves working from home (argh!) and spending more time together as a family (yes!). And while there’s a silver lining to all the togetherness (Making memories! Witnessing milestones!) there will still be times when you need an extra set of hands to take care of the little ones.

Because we know that coronavirus greatly impacts the older population, don’t ask elderly family members or grandparents to watch baby for the next few weeks. Stay connected with grandma and grandpa over FaceTime or send videos back and forth to share highlights of your day. Use your Owlet Cam to include everyone in bedtime routines. All you need to do is share your login credentials for the Owlet app with grandparents or parents stuck at work, and they can sign on to sing a bedtime song or help read a story before saying goodnight!

There’s a lot going on right now and while it can feel overwhelming, these little actions will help you feel empowered. Lean on your community, social media and online forums for ideas on entertaining little ones, and embrace technology like the Owlet Smart Sock and Cam to keep you sane and get you through these trying times.

Give yourself and your family some much-needed rest and peace of mind with the Owlet Smart Sock. Find the Smart Sock online or in-store at Walmart, Target, Best Buy or BuyBuyBaby.

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How to Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

this, you get down on one knee and pop the question. As you slip the ring onto
your partner’s finger, both of you suddenly realize it doesn’t fit. You rushed
things and didn’t take the time to find out her ring size, and the moment is

Okay, it might be possible to resize the ring and make it fit. But there’s no reason to kill the romance if you prepare for the occasion. This write-up provides tips and tricks to determine your partner’s ring size without raising suspicion.

  1. Borrow One of the Rings She Wears
  2. Trace a Ring She Really Likes
  3. Estimate based on the Hand Size
  4. Get Her Finger Size While She’s Sleeping
  5. (Our Favorite Tip) Get a Cheap Ring Sizer
  6. The Good Old Comparison Method
  7. Ask Her to Try on a Dummy Ring
  8. Employ Others to Help You
  9. Take Advantage of a Shopping Day
  10. Ask for Her Ring Size Directly

Women’s Ring
Sizes 101 – General Tips

in mind that ring measurements are quite precise. For women, the sizes range
from 3 to 10, or 14.1 mm to 19.4 mm in circumference. The key thing is that the
numbers indicate the inside diameter of a ring.

general, the most common sizes in the US are between 5 and 7, and size 6 is the
most popular. In millimeters, this translates to 15.7 mm (size 5), 16.5 mm
(size 6), and 17.3 mm (size 7). Your future spouse’s finger might fit between
two sizes and, of course, there are sizes 5.5, 6.5, and so on.

of the actual measurements, the idea is that the ring fits comfortably. It
should be snug to stay on the finger. But the ring should also be a bit loose,
so there’s no resistance when your significant other wants to slide it off.

this in mind, two different ring sizes might fit your future spouse. In that
case, it’s advisable to go for the larger size. Sometimes, the knuckle might be
larger than the finger. If so, choose a ring that’s half a size bigger to
ensure it can be taken off easily.

When you measure the size, it’s important not to use any kind of flexible string because it may stretch and give you the wrong result. And if you decide to opt for a ring with a large band, you should go half a size up for more comfort.

Finally, the measurements presented in this section are standard in the US and Canada. Should you decide to get the ring from abroad, you need to check that country’s sizing standard. Then, the International Ring Size Chart can help you convert the size to US standards.

10 Tricks to Determine Your Beloved’s Ring Size

you know the ring sizing basics, it’s time to start the detective work. The
following tips are straightforward, but you should be careful to remain
stealthy at all times and keep the poker face on.

Borrow One of the Rings She Wears

Personal Ring Collection

is probably the simplest strategy, but there are certain challenges. First, you
need to be 100% certain that she wears that particular ring. Otherwise, you
might be snatching a piece that no longer fits.

it’s important to make sure she doesn’t figure out the ring is missing.
Therefore, it’s better to go for pieces that aren’t that valuable or hold great
emotional value.

the ring is in your hands, you have two options. Measure the ring’s inner
diameter on the spot and figure out the corresponding size on your own. Or, you
can rush the ring off to the nearest jeweler and have the professionals
determine the size.

latter option might be better because you’ll surely get the right size and some
extra tips on how to choose a perfect engagement ring. On a side note, consider
borrowing a ring she likes.

helps you kill two birds with one stone. You’ll get to determine the size and the
engagement ring style
she favors.

Trace a Ring She Really Likes

Drawing Size of Finger for Engagement Ring

borrowing a ring isn’t an option. But there’s no reason to despair, you can
always trace the ring on a piece of paper and use that to get the right size.

you’re tracing the inner circumference of the ring. However, you might want to
take the tracing to a jeweler, rather than try to guess the size on your own.
And you should choose a wedding-band-like ring that can lay flat on the paper.

that have a large crown or a lot of embellishments at the top are hard to
trace. If you miss the measurement by just a millimeter or two, you might be
getting a ring that’s a size bigger or smaller. That being said, a ring that’s slightly
larger isn’t usually a problem. But if it’s smaller, she won’t be able to slip
it on.

Estimate based on the Hand Size

Woman wearing engagement ring

have become really good at determining the correct ring size based on different
tracings. This time, you won’t be tracing the ring, but your beloved’s entire
hand. And there are a few things to consider if you’re to do it the right way.

begin with, engagement rings are usually worn
on the left hand
. That is, the ring finger of that hand.
So, you need to come up with a clever tactic and persuade your partner to buy
the trick, without raising suspicion.

it kind of a game and say you need the traces for an artsy project. And why not
let her trace out your hands to make the game appear more convincing. All the
while, make sure that the trace is as precise as possible and try to outline
her fingers without any wobble.

Then, you can take the tracing of her left hand to the jeweler to estimate the size. There is an option to guestimate the size from the tracing on your own. However, it’s tricky and not worth your effort.

Get Her Finger Size While She’s Sleeping

Measuring Ring while she sleeping

is by far the trickiest strategy because there’s always the risk of her waking
up. But if you have steady hands and she sleeps like a top, feel free to give
it a try. Should she wake up, you can play the fool and say you were just
admiring her long slender fingers.

the catch here is to use a soft tape measure like tailors use. To reiterate,
pieces of string might be more convenient, but they won’t give you the correct
size. The same goes if you decide to use a narrow strip of paper.

out of the way, gently wrap the tape measure around her ring finger and make
sure it’s snug. Hold the loose end of the tape measure between your thumb and
index finger, and atop her ring finger. This way you minimize the chances of
getting the wrong measurement.

Get a Cheap Ring Sizer

Ring Sizer Picture for Blog

can hardly go wrong if you get an inexpensive
ring sizer
, but this method is quite similar to the
previous one. To explain, the ring sizer you should be getting is like a tape
measure – usually, a soft plastic band with a noose.

job is to get the noose around her finger and tighten it, so it fits
comfortably. Then, there’s an arrow that points to the correct ring size. Of
course, the catch is to do this while she’s blissfully unaware of what’s going

this method is trickier than the previous because you’d need to loosen the ring
sizer before you take it off. If you do it while she’s asleep it’s like playing
the buzz wire game. One wrong move and say goodbye to your surprise proposal.

the upside, this method is among the most accurate. And you may set the sizer
against one of her rings to estimate the size without risking the romance.

The Good Old Comparison Method

Engagement Ring on Finger

not exactly the most accurate, the comparison method is one of the safest. This
is something couples often do and she isn’t likely to suspect anything.

take her left hand and place it on top of your right hand. Then, figure out
which of your fingers is the same size as her ring finger. For example, your
small finger might be the same or slightly bigger than her ring finger. Now,
you measure your finger to estimate the correct ring size.

this method isn’t precise, it would be best to take some extra steps. When you
determine which of your fingers is the same as her ring finger, try to slip one
of her rings onto that finger. And if you’re lucky, it’ll fit like a glove.

then, it’s still advisable to consult with a jeweler and tell the professional
how you got the size. Chances are, you might need to go half a size up or down
to be certain the ring will fit.

Ask Her to Try on a Dummy Ring

Ring for Sizing

dummy ring trick is fairly accurate, but it requires some witty persuasion
tactics on your side. In other words, your beloved needs to think it’s a fun
game and you’re just goofing around.

you should find a plastic toy ring and come up with a convincing story to
explain how the ring got into your hands. A narrative that could work is that
you got the piece from a claw crane machine and a voice in your head told you
the ring was for her.

forget to maintain the happy-go-lucky tone and approach the trick with humor.
Otherwise, she might figure out something else is at play and confront you with
uncomfortable questions. But if all goes well and she puts the ring on, you’ll
know her size.

even if the toy ring turns out too big or too small, you can still get a pretty
accurate estimate.

Employ Others to Help You

Girls helping for Ring Sizer

you believe there’s no other way to get the right size, you can ask friends and
family members for help. However, it’s best to avoid her friends and family
members because it might be hard for them to resist the urge to tell your
partner what’s going on.

you should seek help from your friends or family members. Your future wife is
surely close to one of your siblings or friends. And if the person plays it
right, there’s no reason to worry about them spilling the beans.

they can do is ask your partner to try on one of her rings. And if it fits, you
now have a dummy finger to measure and get the correct size. There’s also an
option to ask your partner about her ring size. But then, she might suspect
something fishy is going on.

way, you need to be careful about two things. First, select the person whom you
can entrust this sensitive task. Second, come up with an approach that won’t
hint at your final goal.

Take Advantage of a Shopping Day

Shopping center

often than not, jewelry shop display windows grab female attention. Why not ask
your partner to go inside and check out the jewelry? And you don’t even need to
focus on rings. As she browses through the display cabinets, find a ring you
think she would like and ask for her opinion.

she’s into the style she’ll be willing to try it on, and you’ll know exactly
what’s her size. The great thing is that this method also allows you to kill
two birds with one stone. You’ll figure out the right style and size at the
same time.

Just try to keep things cool and casual. Should your future wife see you’re getting nervous and excited, she’ll know you’re up to something.

If your located near 5th in Manhattan, feel free to book an appointment and we can measure your finger in our showroom.

Ask for Her Ring Size Directly

Ring on Finger Hand

this method spoils the surprise and kind of defies the title of this write-up.
But a lot of couples discuss marriage and engagement well before it’s time to

Asking her about technical details like the ring style and size might be against the traditional engagement etiquette. But it won’t really diminish the romance when the moment to get down on one knee comes. There’s a lot of room to impress your lady and make the event memorable.

Size Matters

all is said and done, figuring out the ring size sans the suspicion shouldn’t
be that hard. And if one of the methods fail, there are plenty of other tricks
to try out. But whatever you do, you shouldn’t purchase a ring before you know
the right size.

it’s possible to resize it after the proposal. But do you really want to put
your significant other through the hassle?

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:: We’re in this together

Photo by Alexander Dummer

At Home During Coronavirus

Helpful Resources for Parents & Caregivers

Parenthood in the time of coronavirus feels like we’ve entered the wild, wild west. From school to work to regular activities, practically every facet of our daily lives has come to an abrupt halt. (It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious and even sad!) And caring for small children—while staying home and doing our part to flatten the curve—is no simple feat. This is uncharted territory and we’re all just winging it and doing the best we can as we go.

We’ve compiled a list of some helpful resources that our team has been using (or just learned about!) to help you and the caregivers in your life stay sane, and keep your children entertained and engaged.

Guidance for Parents:

Now, what to do with those kiddos…

  • Your day will probably be far from zen, but Cosmic Kids offers free yoga adventures for kids. Namaste.
  • Go on a Home Safari and learn about incredible animals at the Cincinnati Zoo (it’s live on Facebook every weekday at 3pm EDT or you can watch later).
  • Head to beloved author Mo Willems’ studio for daily Lunch Doodles.
  • Get the wiggles out with Go Noodle dance videos.
  • Enjoy free daily art tutorials (live and saved) from McHarper Manor, a mom + pop art studio in Ohio.
  • Help your child’s imagination run wild with a podcast from Story Pirates.
  • Go on a learning journey with Out of Eden, a free online program for students 3-19, where students of similar ages from diverse geographical and socioeconomic settings come together to learn.
  • Foster reading and creativity with free daily learning experiences from Scholastic, tailored to different ages.
  • Sometimes, all we really need is to see an adorable sea otter. Take a deep dive and check out live web cams of creatures at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  • Skype a Scientist—a cool activity for older kids or as a family.
  • Watch Oliver Jeffers do an Instagram reading of his first book.

And please know this it’s okay to do absolutely none of this. We all need to do what we can to get things done; you’re still doing an incredible job, and there should be no judgement—nor feelings of guilt—for that.

Also be sure to find some small ways to take care of yourself. While a lot of your energy is being put toward creating a sense of normalcy for your children, don’t put your own wellbeing on the back-burner.

Stay informed, but keep the news/social media scrolling in check. Take a walk outside. Listen to your favorite podcast. Find a workout you can do at home. Light a candle that smells good. Call or FaceTime a friend or family member. Watch Love is Blind on Netflix (Being in a permanent state of cringe will surely get your mind off of current events!) And get a good night’s sleep. Over these next few weeks, you’ll need all of your energy to keep up with those constant requests for snacks. See? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

We can do this, together.

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Should you Wear Your Engagement Ring During Coronavirus

Most of the world is either quarantined or using excessive care right now. CoronaVirus (or COVID-19) was officially recognized by the WHO as a pandemic and now it’s up to us to do our part to contain the spreading of the disease.

Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we understand that we’re not qualified to give advice on COVID-19 or anything medical related. All your medical information should be taken exclusively from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization).

We are, however, qualified to talk about jewelry. We have been in business for over 40 years and we’ve published a best-selling book on understanding engagement rings. We’ve been interviewed by and featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, CNBC, Vogue Paris, Time Magazine, Insider Business, and more.

Should you Wear an Engagement Ring during Coronavirus?

For those who don’t want to read the entire article, we will spare you some time and answer the question right away.

No! You should not wear your engagement ring or wedding band during the coronavirus.

If you came in contact with the disease, your rings will be able to very easily carry the disease. The 20-seconds of cleaning that the CDC requires will NOT be sufficient to ensure that the ring is also clean. See below.

We strongly recommend that everyone removes their rings throughout the duration of the pandemic.

This precaution should be done by everyone who wears rings, even if you’re certain that you do not carry the disease.

Reasons why you Shouldn’t Wear Your Rings During Coronavirus

diamond wedding band on finger with flowers

Here are the reasons why we believe that you should not wear your engagement rings during the Coronavirus:

  • As mentioned, the regular cleaning that is recommended by the CDC will not be sufficient to properly ensure that your engagement ring is properly cleaned. As expert jewelers, we believe that a ring requires a longer cleaning in order to be free of dirt and grime.
  • The frequency of cleaning (recommended by WHO and CDC) will harm your engagement ring. Your engagement ring is not supposed to be over-cleaned. The chemicals and aggressive friction will wear away at the prongs and filigree.
  • If you are wearing gloves, the engagement rings will tear right through them.
  • If you clean your hands with your rings on your finger, the pressure of the ring against the skin may leave a part of your skin unwashed.

Where should I keep my Rings During the Coronavirus?

Safe with Engagement Ring for Coronavirus

Make sure that you keep your rings in a secure-safe. Keeping them on a shelf or desk is a very bad idea. Your schedule has very likely changed significantly due to the pandemic. This shift in your life will create extra chaos in your life and may cause you to accidently misplace it.

Find a safe location and store it there until the pandemic is over.

If you don’t own a secure safe, here are a few ideas of places where you could keep your rings:

  • In a Ring Box. This applies to all the other ideas mentioned below. The ring is safest when placed in a hard-shell ring box.
  • Ask a friend or family who own a safe to store it for you.
  • Rent a bank safe deposit box.
  • If the above ideas are not feasible, your bedroom table or drawers may be your next best idea.
  • The top shelf of the bathroom vanity.
  • You can purchase a fake hiding prop. Here’s a list of great ideas.
  • You can keep it in your pocket or in a purse. There is, of course, a risk that you may misplace it…

Again, the best option is to purchase a secure-safe and place your rings inside throughout the duration of the pandemic.

How to Disinfect Your Engagement Ring during Coronavirus?

Engagement Ring next to Jewelry Cleaner

Please note that our recommendations are inferred from the CDC website, but are not written clearly in regards to engagement rings.

Until the time that the CDC or WHO provides clear guidance regarding the cleaning of engagement rings, here are our recommendations on how to safely disinfect your engagement ring.

Step 1: Prepare warm water and let the ring soak in the water for 20-minutes. Do not use hot water as you may risk damaging the stones or loosening the prongs.

Step 2: Remove the ring from the water and pour an alcohol-based sanitizer (with 60% alcohol) on the ring. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the entire ring. Don’t forget to scrub underneath the ring.

Step 3: Let the ring air dry. Don’t use tissues or a blow dryer!

Please note that if your ring contains emeralds, aquamarine, opals or pearls you will want to be very careful before using any harsh chemicals or soaps.

References for Keeping Safe during Coronavirus

Here’s a few online locations to get safe and accurate information regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning Engagement Ring in Hot Water

This pandemic will pass. Stay safe, and more importantly stay positive. Being vigilant doesn’t require becoming scared or obsessive.

Our objective is not to frighten anyone or make a bold definitive statement, but rather to start an important conversation that we hope will lead towards heightened safety practices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments below. Please do not ask us medical questions! We aren’t qualified to answer. Please direct all medical questions to a licensed physician.

If you know anyone who can benefit from this article, feel free to share a link with them.

Share this post if you enjoyed! 🙂

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